• Jacqui Taylor Memorial Fund

    The fund was founded by Ali Porter and some of Jacqui’s friends to remember and celebrate Jacqui’s life.

    Jacqui was one of our teachers, a vibrant 31 year old; Jacqui was an amazing person who touched so many people's lives. She did a lot for the public for many years and she was a wonderful person. She fought as hard as she could against a rare form of cancer and tried everything possible to stay with us, but she lost her battle on 9th April 2010.

    We want to carry on the memory of Jacqui and have set up the memorial fund to support young dancers at Nicky Jenks School of dance with extra classes and auditions. Jacqui’s family will be actively involved in the memorial fund and the award process.

    For more details and an application, please email: jacquitaylormemorialfund@Hotmail.com

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