• Ballet

    Ballet is the basis of many dance styles and is the foundation of all dance technique. It can teach the students many important attributes including balance, poise, discipline, musicality and co-ordination which can open doors to many other dance styles and also facilitate achievements outside of dance.

  • Jazz

    This class is free style dancing to current chart music. Working on strength and flexibility with various street jazz routines. It's great fun, fast moving, high energy and very good for performance skills.

  • Tap

    Tap is a percussive style of dance which focuses on rhythm and co-ordination. It is fun, lively and provides an excellent opportunity to improve musicality whilst learning the tap technique.

  • Modern

    Modern is a dance style similar to that seen in the West End in musicals such as ‘Fame’, ‘Grease’, ‘Cats’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’. It is a crossover between the more funky street dance style and the discipline of classical ballet; incorporating a combination of jazz, lyrical movement and isolations into prepared exercises.

  • Hip-Hop

    Hip-Hop is a fun and vibrant style using music and moves from the pop charts.

  • Performers

    This lesson is by invite only, students are chosen from all classes if they show an aptitude and personality suited to competition work. The students compete in competitions all over the South West throughout the year.

  • Adult Classes

    Our adult classes are for those looking to have a fun filled and social dance session. Adults of any level are welcome to join classes.

  • Pre-Pointe and Pointe

    These classes are for students age 9 and up. They begin with exercises to strengthen the feet and legs, with any corrective technique necessary before progressing to Pointe work. Your teacher will advise you when you are ready to get Pointe shoes and where to buy them. The teachers will advise which Pointe class you should be attending. Due to the strength and technique required to safely use Pointe shoes no child under 11 years of age or below Grade 5/ Intermeadiate Foundation level will be allowed Pointe shoes.

  • Body Conditioning

    Body conditioning is a fun and dynamic workout designed to condition the body using your own body weight. This helps you gain strength for other classes. 

  • Contemporary